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    [3/4] friendships

    The boys. - Finn x Archie x Chop

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    like 98% of my problems would be solved if i stopped overthinking things and calmed the fuck down and stopped being such a panicky, anxious little shit

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  • My Mad Fat Diary timeline ■ July 1996

    (a big thanks to Ana, who contributed the correct dates and without her help this gifset wouldn’t have been possible)
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    Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this fic :) I think it wil maybe 3 parts I dunno let know what you think :)

    if you would like to b tagged to my forever tag list with theses lovelies let me know :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 curvygirlonabudget murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd thisissomefreshbullshit perfecters fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep

    Summary: Rae takes a liking to a familiar face.

    Take Two? Part 1

    Rae got to the pub early, she needed to leave her house as soon as she heard her mum and Karim giggling and the door across from her room slamming, because that only meant one thing, there really was only so much of their shag fest she could take. The gang would be arriving within the hour so she decided to nurse a pint, scribble in her diary and play some good tunes.

    She was mumbling to herself “GreenDay or Beastie Boys” when a voice beside her said “I’d go with GreenDay” she looked to her right and it was Finn, but his voice sounded different, lower, huskier even, and he was dressed differently too, he had on a different leather jacket and his hair was styled back, almost looked like a greaser.  

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    Oh, Rae! I love this. I feel for Rae because this is such a tough position to be put in. Can’t wait for more.
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  • So MMFD is dead? No 3rd series for real?

    We have no idea. We haven’t been told yes or no. Guess we’re stuck on “maybe?” We know that e4 wants to bring it back and some cast members have said they would like another series or if not, as Nico said, maybe a movie. I think Bidwell might be the hold up because I think e4 would rather have him back and if not, finding another writer and show runner could take time since they want it to be as successful as the previous 2 series.

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  • Private Allies, Pt. 2


    A/N: Okay, I know I fail at life and it’s been over two months, but here’s part two. I’m really sorry it took so long to post, but I’ve already started on part three, so it shouldn’t be another two months (and if it is I totally understand if you choose to shun me). Artwork may be forthcoming, and if it is I’ll make a post about it. Thank you all for being so amazing, and thanks to princefinnley for the prompt. I really hope you like it!

    Part 1

    (Tag list at the end. I hope that’s okay.Just message me if you want taken off/put on!)


    “Alright, ladies. Mr. Choppy Chop at your service.”

    Chop took off an imaginary hat, bowing and opening his car doors for Rae and Chloe. They giggled and piled in, ready to head to the chippy then the pub after a long week at school. Chippy then the pub on a Friday afternoon had been their routine forever it seemed, and it wasn’t the most exciting of plans, but with Chop, anything could happen.

    They had changed out of their uniforms before setting out, and Chop looked from Chloe in the passenger seat, diligently applying the makeup she wasn’t allowed to wear in school, to looking in the rearview mirror at Rae in the backseat.

    “So, Raemundo, been missin’ Nelson’s sweet arse this week?” Rae glared as Chop winked and gave her a toothy grin in the mirror.

    “Oh, piss off. I haven’t given him a second thought.”

    “Well, don’t fret. You’ll get your eyes full o’ him at the match tomorrow!” Chop chuckled and Rae reached forward and smacked his arm, causing Chop to swerve.

    “Oi! Almost poked my eye out!” Chloe scrambled for a tissue to clean the smeared mascara off her eye.

    “Seriously, Chop, I’m not bothered. Told ya I’d stay away from him, didn’t I?” Chop gave her a satisfied grin. “That’s my Raemundo.”

    …Except, Rae hadn’t completely stayed away from Finn and she had given him a second thought, and a third, and a fourth…

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    *smiles like an idiot while reading this* I’m loving this too much. Like I got massive feels, right now.
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  • "And that was our first kiss. Amongst the dirty socks with the smell of sweat and dirt. Both of us covered in blood. It was perfect. P.S. In your face Chloe I knew it was a date!"

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Love at first listen, really. 


    Love at first listen, really. 

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  • How many followers do you have?

    I prefer not to say it publicly cause I don’t want anyone to think I’m gloating or whatever. Let’s just say, more than I probably deserve and I am very thankful that they took the time to click that little follow button. I love you all! :D