Then there’s Izzy. She’s so cute. I’ve only known her for two hours, but I can’t imagine she’d have a negative thought about anything.


MMFD has slightly higher ratings than Skins on the IMDB website (MMFD 8.7, Skins 8.2)

That should be an incentive to renew the series, because Skins has like 7 or 8 series.

A Little Liquid Courage



Hey guys! Thank you so much to everybody who expressed interest in this story. I couldn’t stop thinking about Rae and Finn hanging out in the love caravan all night by themselves, and this story just sort of poured out from those musings. A bottle of…

unsaid-thougths: Do you mis the MMFD cast? Because I miss it so much and I desperately need SERIES 3!!! I'm so sad



— Anonymous: do you by any chance have a list of all the mmfd songs? instead of us downloading the files you made? thank you, and it's totally cool if you don't.

No. But you can find a list of songs per episode on the MMFD page on e4.


Rae Earl in every episode (MMFD):
2X01 - Alarm (+faceless)

(Source: womenincaps)

mmirallegross: Just a comment on the purchase/perches thing. I think it made more sense to go with purchase because obviously the subtitles are right (and if it was perches wouldnt it make more sense as perching?) Just thought I'd give you my opinion haha.

I very much appreciate your opinion. Yes, I’m not saying that 4oD is correct 100% of the time cause not many people are but I mean you’d think they’d know more often than not. I just feel she meant it as grip and not sit on which is what perches means. I did a crap load of research just for that little gif just to make sure. Haha. :D


(*) [8/?]

I’m about 110% sure that she says:
"It’s even got these little handle things for PERCHES!”

I was very 50/50 with this. On 4oD it says “purchase” which in UK which means “grip.” Which was very fitting since that’s how I believed she meant it. Perches means to balance on. I mean, I think both are fitting so I just went with what 4oD had on their subtitles.