Then there’s Izzy. She’s so cute. I’ve only known her for two hours, but I can’t imagine she’d have a negative thought about anything.

Yes, Diary, our bodies were united for a whole seven minutes of amorous congress and nothing terrible occurred. I’m so relieved I want to shout it from the rooftops or hire one of those banners you attach to planes. Who’d have thought a girl who couldn’t look at herself in the mirror six months ago would now know what those women’s magazines mean when they talk about a “considerate lover.” If Finn had paid any more attention to the needs of my pleasure garden it would have fallen off.

Yeah Finn, when your girlfriend is staring at you lustfully that means she definitely wants water. Still not over this. Haha!

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Posting this fic written by the lovely nony “Jordan”. Enjoy emus!

Finn can’t decide on whether or not it’s a blessing or a curse that he’s paired himself up with Archie and Chop for Mr. Thomas’ project. It was on the use of trench warfare in World War I and was supposed to be part of their first…

This was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"But I was changing now, and that meant not turning up on my dad’s doorstep. It meant, finally writing him a letter that said, "It was nice to meet you and see you around," because the truth was, that I already had a dad.”


a gif set of rae/linda in s1 e6 when linda’s like “I know he’s never gonna be a proper dad, but he’s a good man and he is a part of this family and you need to start accepting that” alongside them hugging it out in s2 e7? ch1darkcy? justagirlnamedkayla? Anyone? Does this exist already?

Just searched my tag earlier which is something I never do and came across your request. Finished it just now and it should be posted in a few minutes. Sorry I didn’t see it sooner but I don’t check my tag often.

Anonymous: "you take prompts?"

No, I don’t write. Haha. I take gif set requests from time to time.

To the lovely anon who sent me a couple of requests the other day, I haven’t forgotten about them. I’m just trying to figure out a way to set them up so the set makes sense. If you have any specifics on how you want them to be, just message me.


It’s been two days and he still hasn’t called. I’m such an idiot! It clearly wasn’t a date.

Her little face!